Stratis offers you all the advantages of an audio-visual agency and a production company. Stratis functions first as a consultancy that can take responsibility for the concept, planning, production and the post production of the complete audio-visual message, whether it is publicity, information, educational or cultural.

Our experience stretches from cinema spots to television sitcom, through creative documentaries, fictional films, interactive CD-ROMs and, more recently, large-scale DVD distribution.

Must See

read more "Calvin on/off" is now available on DVD in late April with an hour of bonus. This documentary paints a portrait of the famous reformer biting through the players who have donned his costume.

New Services

The calibration video is in the spotlight at Stratis. A powerful station is available to complete your television production in the best conditions..

Star Movie

A Huichol Family
is a film initiated by Ulla Straessle and directed by Roland Pellarin whose benefit is paid to the Indians of La Laguna.